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Why the memory of the Holocaust is a gift for German culture

holocaust-rememberWhy the memory of the Holocaust is a gift for German culture. (Please click on the link to a very pointed article written by Christian Höfele)

I wholeheartedly share Christian Höfele’s sentiments.

The first time I walked through the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., I cried and I would refuse to speak to my companion inside the museum, fearing that my German accent would be detected and I felt so deeply ashamed at that moment. Years later, I have the gained confidence to “own” that part of my heritage and to talk to my children about what it must have been like for their great-grandparents to live in and through that dark part of history.

Today, I feel the need to draw comparisons between different forms of persecution and scapegoating of visually and ideologically identifiable groups of people and to speak up against generalizations, against oversimplifications and the vilifying of cultural groups and beliefs. If history is bound to repeat itself due to certain limitations of the human nature, then we are all called to remember and be aware of those dark human forces that are rooted in fear and greed, and to do everything we can to prevent similar future atrocities.