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Successful Millennial Integration at Work – What does that look like in your organization?

millennial_topimageMillennials seem to have a pretty bad reputation with many employers if one is to believe leading articles in mainstream media. Disloyal attention-hounds, short attention span, narcissistic, want a lot and offer little, etc. This does not reflect my experience working with young managers at all and a Millennial Study by IBM suggests otherwise as well.

My millennial clients are hungry for opportunities to learn, stretch and become actively contributing, valued members of optimization initiatives. They have grown up with technology, communicate differently with their peers than older generations, and they have learned by observation that hardly anything lasts forever anymore. The younger generations’ demands on management may be disruptive for traditionally managed organizations but let’s face it, our way of working is being disrupted continuously by advancing technology, changing policies or new market place urgencies.

I have been asked by a student organization at GMU to talk to them about what it takes for Millennials to be successful in today’s business climate, and specifically what college graduates can do to prepare for their transition from student life to the professional world. In preparation to the presentation, I am collecting short responses of what qualities, skills and behaviors leaders and managers in successful companies are looking for in the next generation that is entering the work force and for any new hire for that matter.

Here is your chance to contribute to the discussion:

  • What would be your advice for soon-to-graduate students?

  • What would they need to bring to the table to be successful in your organization?

  • Are you seeing a pattern in the younger generation of potential employees that is noteworthy?

  • What behavior to you wish to see more of? Less of?

I am looking forward to hopefully seeing a lively discussion in response to this request and I will share my keynote talk with all contributors upon delivery.

See other comments  HERE



SOAR to New Heights



Here are some Core Business Questions for you to think about:

  • How many conversations occur at your organization that are only needed because a previous conversation did not produce the intended results?
  • What would change for your organization if you could eliminate or even just cut in half all those corrective and unproductive conversations and get the desired results after the initial, intentional and thoughtful conversation?
  • How much time and money do you think could be saved by creating an active, collaborative and consistent Culture of Accountability?

This spring a colleague and I put together our first open-enrollment leadership development cohort program that addresses these essential questions. In June we celebrated the first group’s graduation and received rave reviews! The participants grew exponentially, shifted their perspectives, took courageous steps and transformed their leadership skills from project management and delegation to powerfully leading complex initiatives. I feel deeply grateful for the privilege of having been part of their journey and for seeing them take flight! We now offer Cohort #2 with some tweaks and improvements. Program details can be found here: SOAR FAll 2016 Flyer.

Non-profit, public service and small business rates available upon request.

  • Module 1:  September 23, 2016 – IQ vs. EQ – Why Self-Awareness Matters
  • Module 2:  October 21, 2016 – Engaging & Managing Coaching People to Optimal Performance
  • Module 3:  November 18, 2016 – How to Create a Culture of Trust, Collaboration, and Accountability
  • Module 4:  December 16, 2016 – Declaring the Future We Want

This program provides a significant boost to professional development and offers valuable tools to create a healthy work-life integration resulting in clear communication, collaborative relationships, optimized effectiveness and a happier work/home life. I would be excited to have you be part of a very unique and high-caliber group of emerging and seasoned leaders!

Event details: HERE

Leadership in Action – Attracting and Keeping Talented Staff

culture_icon_352Please join us for an interesting exploration of what attracts high-performing employees and keeps them engaged:
July 20, 8am-10am, Tysons Corner (right outside of the beltway, 10 min walk from Spring Hill metro station)
Breakfast, great networking, wonderful opportunity to invite your clients to a powerful micro-learning event that gives you a great opportunity for powerful conversations.
Mira Panek, a gifted speaker and treasured colleague of mine, and I will host a breakfast seminar together and invite you to come and bring a client to see a SOAR component in action and to take home an immediate-impact tool. Under the advertised topic below we will highlight the power of language in exploring new possibilities. We will explore SOAR’s Extraordinary Leader’s Blueprint and declaration development and add the lens of appreciative inquiry, a great coaching tool that is easily accessible even for people, who are not trained coaches.
Details and ticket information: HERE

Leadership in Action Seminar Series – The Power of the Promise of Leadership

5DM3-39617Local leaders are invited to discuss what it means in their organization when they operate under the leader label. Using Bob Andersons’ extraordinary book “Mastering Leadership” as a jumping off point, my partner in the seminar series, Sarah Happel, and I will facilitate deep discovery of the explicit and implicit expectations of those who are asked to follow and work with the leader. The expectations turn into the perceived Promise of Leadership.

What are leaders expected to do? How are they expected to do it? What are the criteria of a Great Leader? What obstacles are in the way of fulfilling the Promise of Leadership and what are the consequences?

Through experiential exercises, thought-provoking small group discussions and practical take-aways, experienced and emerging leaders will have the opportunity to examine their own leadership roles and their relationships inside and outside their organizations.

Please join us for a powerful breakfast seminar that will energize you to return to your places of work with renewed resolve to make a difference and raise the bar of their leadership effectiveness.

May 18, 2016 – 8:00am-10:00am – Tysons Corner (McLean), VA
Limited seats – reserve your spot HERE.

SNEAK PREVIEW EVENT for SOAR Program for Business Leaders

I am super excited about the upcoming SOAR program for business leaders in the NoVa region. A sneak preview event provides an opportunity to experience one of the powerful tools that will be introduced by the program.

Sneak Preview Presentation for SOAR Program for Business Leaders:

Feb. 5, 2015    8:00 AM Networking/Breakfast                         8:30 – 10:30 AM Presentation/Workshop                         “How to Create Breakthrough Results”
Learn and try out an amazingly simple yet powerful communication tool for immediate application to boost the performance at your organization AND get a glimpse of what makes the SOAR cohort program for business leaders so powerful and effective. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

$20 per person / $15 VBA members if purchased by Feb. 1, 2016 $30 per person if purchased after Feb. 1/walk-in

Space is limited to 30 participants and the event fill up, so reserve your seat early!

Register HERE.


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SOAR Program for Business Leaders

Shape Culture & Generate Results through the Power of Language

Based on proven models and methodologies, the SOAR Program for Business Leaders helps leaders see themselves, their teams, and the world in new ways. Participants learn to shape culture and improve execution through the power of language. SOAR includes a combination of big-picture leadership topics (such as emotional intelligence, change management and establishing clear dialogue) as well as specific managerial topics (such as creating accountability, delegation, and goal-setting).

Each module presents a new theory or model, followed by a group discussion, break-out sessions for practical application, and reflection. Participants engage in powerful experiential learning that they will be able to apply both professionally and personally. They practice how to communicate more effectively, handle conflict, leverage diverse perspectives, and lead teams to higher satisfaction and improved performance. The cohort structure enhances communication and collaboration, boosting productivity and results, and provides a rare chance to deeply connect with other leaders.