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SNEAK PREVIEW EVENT for SOAR Program for Business Leaders

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I am super excited about the upcoming SOAR program for business leaders in the NoVa region. A sneak preview event provides an opportunity to experience one of the powerful tools that will be introduced by the program.

Sneak Preview Presentation for SOAR Program for Business Leaders:

Feb. 5, 2015    8:00 AM Networking/Breakfast                         8:30 – 10:30 AM Presentation/Workshop                         “How to Create Breakthrough Results”
Learn and try out an amazingly simple yet powerful communication tool for immediate application to boost the performance at your organization AND get a glimpse of what makes the SOAR cohort program for business leaders so powerful and effective. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

$20 per person / $15 VBA members if purchased by Feb. 1, 2016 $30 per person if purchased after Feb. 1/walk-in

Space is limited to 30 participants and the event fill up, so reserve your seat early!

Register HERE.


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SOAR Program for Business Leaders

Shape Culture & Generate Results through the Power of Language

Based on proven models and methodologies, the SOAR Program for Business Leaders helps leaders see themselves, their teams, and the world in new ways. Participants learn to shape culture and improve execution through the power of language. SOAR includes a combination of big-picture leadership topics (such as emotional intelligence, change management and establishing clear dialogue) as well as specific managerial topics (such as creating accountability, delegation, and goal-setting).

Each module presents a new theory or model, followed by a group discussion, break-out sessions for practical application, and reflection. Participants engage in powerful experiential learning that they will be able to apply both professionally and personally. They practice how to communicate more effectively, handle conflict, leverage diverse perspectives, and lead teams to higher satisfaction and improved performance. The cohort structure enhances communication and collaboration, boosting productivity and results, and provides a rare chance to deeply connect with other leaders.


  1. Tanya Richard says:

    Looks great! Wish I could make it!

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