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SOAR to New Heights

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Here are some Core Business Questions for you to think about:

  • How many conversations occur at your organization that are only needed because a previous conversation did not produce the intended results?
  • What would change for your organization if you could eliminate or even just cut in half all those corrective and unproductive conversations and get the desired results after the initial, intentional and thoughtful conversation?
  • How much time and money do you think could be saved by creating an active, collaborative and consistent Culture of Accountability?

This spring a colleague and I put together our first open-enrollment leadership development cohort program that addresses these essential questions. In June we celebrated the first group’s graduation and received rave reviews! The participants grew exponentially, shifted their perspectives, took courageous steps and transformed their leadership skills from project management and delegation to powerfully leading complex initiatives. I feel deeply grateful for the privilege of having been part of their journey and for seeing them take flight! We now offer Cohort #2 with some tweaks and improvements. Program details can be found here: SOAR FAll 2016 Flyer.

Non-profit, public service and small business rates available upon request.

  • Module 1:  September 23, 2016 – IQ vs. EQ – Why Self-Awareness Matters
  • Module 2:  October 21, 2016 – Engaging & Managing Coaching People to Optimal Performance
  • Module 3:  November 18, 2016 – How to Create a Culture of Trust, Collaboration, and Accountability
  • Module 4:  December 16, 2016 – Declaring the Future We Want

This program provides a significant boost to professional development and offers valuable tools to create a healthy work-life integration resulting in clear communication, collaborative relationships, optimized effectiveness and a happier work/home life. I would be excited to have you be part of a very unique and high-caliber group of emerging and seasoned leaders!

Event details: HERE

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