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Next Generation of Leaders at GMU

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It was fun presenting at the GMU Business Fraternity yesterday. We talked about Successful Transitioning from College Life to the Professional World and the challenges that the students are facing when entering the job market and first leadership positions.

The three strategies suggested are:

1. Don’t be disruptive – be an effective disrupter and be prepared to present a solution to problems that you spot.

2. Bust their Bias – break through the stereotype that may be assigned to your age group and be responsible for your action

3. Be Self-Aware – pay attention what your words, action and projected mood are creating in your professional environment and whether or not they are creating the results you want.

SOAR fundamentals customized for this audience of interested and engaged next generation of leaders. It was a great event and the hosts were gracious and made me feel welcome and appreciated. If I had any bias about working with Millennials, they would have busted it! Great group of young people, motivated, bright and hopeful.


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